Iran aiding Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan to hurt US: Report

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Tehran, Oct. 10 (ANI): Afghanistan's city of Heart, which lies on the country's border with Iran, reportedly serves as a site from where Iran smuggles weapons to the Taliban.

The ancient city has long enjoyed economic development because of strong economic ties with Iran, but it is now being alleged that Iran is backing the Taliban by supplying weapons through this city, The CBS News reports.

The report quoted an American soldier as saying that rocket propelled grenades in a hard-core Taliban village are made in Iran.

"Like right here, it says 82 mm "h-e" lot 02 slash 87. The Iranians pretty much copy all of our ordinance, pretty much verbatim. They'll even put English writing on there. But these lot numbers you'll never see a US lot number like that," he said.

Experts think that Iran is fuelling insurgency in Afghanistan so that it can hurt the US.

"I think Iran feels threatened. And I think it feels that its interests are best served by being able to hurt the United States in Afghanistan," David Kilcullen, a counterinsurgency expert was quoted by the report, as saying.

US officials believe that Iran is supplying surface to air missiles to the Taliban- the very same weapon the U.S. supplied to the Afghan resistance to bring down the Russians.

Bruce Reidel, who led the Obama Administration's strategy review of Afghanistan and Pakistan earlier this year, thinks Iran is a grave threat.

"We are losing this war every day. It's clear that U.S.-Iranian relations now are going to go into an increasingly difficult period.

"If I was sitting in Teheran, I'd be looking for the place where you could hurt the Americans the most and that's Obama's war right next door in Afghanistan," he said. (ANI)

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