Scottish hedge campaigners take "vegetation tyranny" fight to Parliament

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London, Oct 8 (ANI): Scothedge campaigners have taken their drive against "vegetation tyranny" to the MSPs.

These people are fighting against the high hedges and trees of their neighbours that leave them in the dark.

The group consists of over 300 people demanding laws to prevent the "hedge rage" and the quick resolution of disputes between neighbours.

They also believe all councils should have the authority to cut down trees or hedges if they obstruct the neighbour's light.

The Scotsman quoted campaign leader Dr Colin Watson as saying: "We have been fighting for years against the problem of vegetation tyranny caused by high hedges in Scotland and the effect it can have on victims' lives.

"Although the majority of problems caused by high hedges are usually settled amicably, there are many instances where hedge owners refuse to do anything to resolve these issues in the knowledge that the law cannot challenge them."

"It is a serious issue that, in the most extreme cases, can leave people living in terror from threats of violence and the need to involve the police and can severely reduce the value of a home and garden," Watson added.

Under the existing laws, only a part of the tree or vegetation overhanging a neighbouring garden can be pruned.

A Scottish Government consultation exercise on the issue was launched in April and closes on November 13. (ANI)

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