Sadqi border check-post overflows with patriotism during Beating Retreat ceremony

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Sadqi Border (Punjab), Oct 6(ANI): Thousands of people from across India and even abroad come to Punjab to witness the Beating Retreat ceremonies held at the Sadqi joint check-post at India-Pakistan Border in Punjab.

People start gathering at joint check-post around 5'o clock in the evening to observe the ceremony. hough the number of spectators is not the same as Attari-Wagah joint check-post in Amritsar and Hussainiwala border in Ferozepur, but as the Jawans of Pakistan Rangers and Border Security Force start performing their drill, the excitement mounts and patriotism spills over.

"People from both sides witness the beating retreat ceremony that fuels love and patriotism for their respective countries. The lively drill increases the respect that people have towards their countries. The other benefit is that people from both sides get to meet their relatives. It develops people to people contacts and helps in improving relations between the two neighboring countries," said R. L. Ram, Deputy Commandant of BSF at Sadqi Border.

On either side of the border, the stands overflow with people from all walks of life and all age groups, who stand up to cheer their country and mock the other side.

If tricolors dot every row in the Indian stand, there is a green wave on the Pakistani side.

The aggressive drills end as the flags come down. But, the spirit of nationalism is palpable.

"I came here to see how the Indian border security forces are protecting our boundaries without caring about themselves. I have seen that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the protection of their country. I feel very proud. The self-respect that I experienced, I am unable to explain you in words," said Pramod Kumar, a spectator.

The uniqueness of Sadqi check-post is the opportunity that it provides to people to meet their relatives living on either side of the border.

"People in India and Pakistan have no easy way of meeting each other. Here, we come to see and talk with our relatives in Pakistan. I feel great by coming here, as we were separated during the partition," said Munsi Ram, a resident of Jallaram village in Punjab.

There are many families who were separated during India's partition in 1947.

While Governments in India and Pakistan chalk out the course of diplomatic ties, the Sadqi drill continues to attract people from both the countries. By Avtar Gill (ANI)

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