Pak's treatment of US "enemies" as its "assets" blunting war on terror efforts: Expert

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London, Oct.6 (ANI): With the Pakistan Army renewing the non-aggression pact with Maulvi Nazir, a top Taliban commander, experts believe that such a step would severely impede the US' plans against the extremists leaders hiding in Pakistan.

The United States has been pushing the Pakistani Government to carry out military operation in South Waziristan, where it believes several top Taliban commanders have taken refuge and are carrying out operations against the allied forces, which are engaged in a gruesome battle in Afghanistan.

Christine Fair, an analyst with the Washington-based Rand Corporation, highlighted that despite repeated appeals by the Obama Administration, Islamabad has failed to initiate substantial action against the extremists hiding inside the country's geographical boundary.

"You have a lot of guys in South Waziristan that Pakistan treats as assets. Maulvi Nazir is an enemy of the US but he is most certainly an asset of Pakistan," The Independent quoted Fair, as saying.

The Pakistan Army has been reluctant to launch operations in South Waziristan, as extremists have retreated after every time they were forced out of the region.

One of the prime reasons behind such continuous extremist retreats was the failure of the peace deals that the Pakistan Army had inked with the militants. (ANI)

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