Laura Bush has "lot of admiration" for Hillary Clinton

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Washington, Oct 6 (ANI): Former American first lady Laura Bush says her admiration for Hillary Clinton has grown after she witnessed her "emotional and physical stamina" during the presidential campaign of 2008.

Fox News quoted her as saying: "Our campaigns are so long and so brutal that the people who finally win are almost self-selected because they have emotional and physical stamina to run for office. As I watched Hillary Clinton during her run, I had and have a lot of admiration for her. It's tough every day.

It's not just physical or emotional, but just the chance of saying one thing that gets blown up by the media!"

Mrs. Bush confesses that her life has changed since George W. Bush left the White House nine months ago after serving two terms as the Prez. She says she is more carefree now, with much more time to herself.

She said: "My husband is retired, my children are grown and out of the house, I still have my 90 year-old mother who I see all the time and I'm sort of free as a bird!

"We knew what life was like after the Presidency thanks to George's dad, George Sr. and mother, Barbara Bush. We went straight back to Midland, Texas and went to our ranch house with several couples of our best friends. That first night we knew everything had changed when George was out in the driveway directing all the luggage!"

Although, she is comfy at her new Dallas home, she does admit missing the White house, at least in some respects.

She said: "I've been very happy to be home. Dallas has been very welcoming and is a dynamic and vibrant city. I'm the honorary chairman of the opera and new performance hall, so that's been fun."

"I've had the chance to collect art now that we are home and that was something that I will miss - the magnificent art collection that we will never have a chance to live with again. We were very fortunate," she adds. (ANI)

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