Cyrus the Greats' palace in Iran on verge of total destruction

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London, October 5 (ANI): Reports indicate that Cyrus the Greats' palace in Iran is on the verge of total destruction if no action is taken soon.

According to the Persian service of CHN, some sections of Cyrus the Greats' palace known as Charkhab, located in the Borazjan Plain, in the Persian Gulf's Bushehr Province, has been completely destroyed and the remaining of the edifice is on the verge of total devastation.

Two years ago, archaeologists left the site for no apparent reason and the unique early Achaemenid edifice has been left to be destroyed.

The director of the team has continuously requested the recommence of some archaeological research, but this has been rejected and permit denied.

"This site is important evidence for the Iranian nation and their rule over the waters of the Persian Gulf. I have asked number of times from the Bushehr Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organisation (BCHTO) to restart the (archaeological) excavations, but it seems the organisation tries to repel me from this task," said Aliakbar Sarfaraz, the former director of archaeological team at Charkhab Palace.

Archaeological excavations conducted in past have shown it was built by the order of Cyrus the Great the founder of second Iranian dynasty, the Achaemenids (550-330 BCE) and left incomplete.

While regretting the lack of protection for this unique ancient edifice, Sarafraz said that Charkhab Palace is as important as Persepolis and Pasargadae palaces in terms of its compliance with architectural regulations.

Borazjan Plain, due to its closeness to the Persian Gulf, was considered an important area during the Achaemenid dynasty, especially as one of the imperial naval forces was stationed there.

The naval base served as the base for transferring the imperial troops to the satrapies in North Africa in case of emergency, as well as controlling the waters of the Persian Gulf. (ANI)

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