New book offers solution for teaching evolution without conflict

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Washington, Oct 4 (ANI): A new book written by University of Alabama at Birmingham researcher claims to offer a novel way to teach evolution without offending students who have strong religious convictions against the theory.

According to Professor Lee Meadows, Ph.D., author of a new book titled The Missing Link: An Inquiry Approach for Teaching All Students About Evolution, School districts, politicians and church leaders have debated for decades as to whether Charles Darwin's theory of evolution should be taught in schools.

Educators who have taught evolution often have come under attack by students, parents and local religious leaders.

"For too long evolution has been denied its place in science curriculum. School policies driven by misunderstanding and fear regularly displace widely recognized principles of science," wrote Meadows.

"But without understanding evolution, students - no matter what their religious beliefs - will never achieve the level of scientific literacy they need to make sense of even everyday practicalities such as how human viruses work," the expert added.

As a result of the conflict many teachers have resorted to one of two extremes to avoid arguments over the validity of evolution, says Meadows.

"This book attempts to take a middle-of-the road approach," he added.

He suggests that teachers should convince students of the legitimacy of evolution and encourage them to examine the scientific evidence for evolution for themselves and guide them in exploring the scientific explanations for that evidence.

"Children have to understand evolution but they don't have to believe it, and that is the key distinction that I have laid out in the book," said Meadows.

"So if a child asks if God made the whale, it's really an opportunity to talk about natural and supernatural explanations. You are not saying that one is better than the other, only that science is limited to natural explanations," he added. (ANI)

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