'Confused' Gilani must remove cobwebs from his head: Editorial

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Islamabad, Oct.3 (ANI): Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, it seems, is unable to decide about his strategy regarding some of the most important issues of national interest.

An editorial in one of Pakistan's leading English dailies said Gilani appears to be confused over issues concerning the national interest as he keeps on changing his views.

The Nation editorial citing Gilani's recent follies over the Kerry-Lugar Bill said he must try to 'remove the cobwebs from his head' in order to prevent any further damage to the nation's pride.

The editorial said that Gilani's statement that it was premature to take the Kerry Lugar Bill to the Parliament was 'absurd'.

"This is absurd because if anything it is already late in that an early discussion of this Bill, with the debilitating conditionalities, would have reinforced the Pakistani leadership's position to seek their retraction before the Bill became law," the editorial said.

"The government could have told the US Congress and the Obama Administration that the Parliament was not prepared to accept the intrusive and destabilizing conditionalities. Therefore, if the US wanted to continue to seek Pakistan's support in the "war on terror" it would have to remove these conditionalities," it added.

Referring to India, where recently the nuclear agreement with the US was tabled in Parliament for discussions, the editorial said it was high time that the Kerry Lugar Bill was put before Parliament, if the Gilani government really wants to bolster the democratic process.

"If the Pakistan Parliament were to discuss this Bill and conclude that the conditionalities were unacceptable, it would not only send a clear message to the US that it needs to renegotiate its cooperation with us on more equitable terms, it would also provide the government with political weightage to stand up more firmly to the US Congress and the Obama Administration," it went on to add. (ANI)

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