Woman fries, eats ex-hubby's goldfish after fight!

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Melbourne, October 1 (ANI): Angered by her former husband's reluctance to return the jewellery she asked for, a woman fried the seven goldfish they kept as pets, and ate three of them.

When informed, Pasadena police said that no charges could be filed against the woman because it was a civil matter.

The seven goldfish were purchased together by the couple during happier times.

A spokesman for the police has revealed that the woman became angry with her ex-husband after he took back jewellery he'd given her, and would not return it to her.

Upon returning home one day, according to the police, he found his goldfish missing.

With a view to retrieving the goldfish, a team of investigators visited the woman's home.

When they revealed the purpose of their visit, the woman directed them to the kitchen, saying: "They're in there."

The investigators found four of the seven goldfish, fried on a plate, and questioned the woman about the missing three.

"I already ate those," the Daily Telegraph quoted the woman as replying.

Since the couple had bought the goldfish when they were together, the pets were considered community property.

Unable to prosecute the woman for her actions, authorities suggested that the man could pursue the matter in civil court if he wished. (ANI)

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