Japan: Manga 'Mein Kampf' ups Hitler's popularity

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London, Oct 1: Comic version of Adolf Hitler's notorious political tract Mein Kampf has become a hit in Japan.

The manga book is a part autobiography and part Hitler's fascist manifesto. It describes the two sections in the unlikely form of easy-to-read comic pictures and captions, reports The Telegraph.

Since it was published in Japan last November, its popularity has soared, with sales of more than 45,000.

The manga version of 'Mein Kampf' tells the story of Hitler's upbringing, his decision to create the Nazi Party and his motivation for writing the book. It also includes depictions of his infamous anti-Semitic pronouncements.

The release, however, has fuelled concerns in Germany, where the book remains banned more than 60 years after Hitler (1889-1945) led the country to catastrophic defeat in World War II.

But Manga enjoys a soaring popularity in Japan, with its most high-profile fans including the former prime minister Taro Aso.


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