Kerry Lugar bill a recipe for 'disappointment' and 'disillusionment' for US: Ackerman

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Islamabad, Oct.1 (ANI): The Obama Administration might be hoping to reduce the anti-US sentiments in Pakistan and help the troubled nation to come out of the crises it is facing currently through the tripled non-military aid of 7.5 billion dollars over the next five years, but a senior American lawmaker has said that the aid would rather prove to be a recipe for 'disappointment' and 'disillusionment'.

Congressman Gary Ackerman expressed apprehension over Islamabad's intentions and the success of the Kerry Lugar bill, saying Pakistan would remain the same country no matter how much assistance is provided to it to bail itself out of the current precarious condition.

"In the end, Pakistan will absorb what we offer and remain the same Pakistan. And, worst of all, they will again claim that we have failed them," The Nation quoted Ackerman, as saying.

Ackerman pointed out that both US and Pakistan have different interests as Pakistan sees India as a threat to it while Washington considers New Delhi as its close ally.

"We see India as a major ally. They see India as unalterably rapacious and inherently dangerous. We see the Afghan Taliban as a wicked, oppressive and violent group intent on returning Afghanistan to primitive theocratic darkness," he said.

Ackerman said as far as bringing reforms in Pakistan is concerned, the people of that country would have to push for a change themselves rather than any foreign country forcing them to do so.

"Our success will depend chiefly on reforms taken in Pakistan by Pakistanis. And I see little in this bill to provide any assurance that such changes are on the way. I fear we are again choosing to be Pakistan's patron rather than its partner," he added. (ANI)

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