Swami Ramdev's Scottish yoga retreat to be made into a worldwide destination

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Edinburgh (Scotland), Sep.28 (ANI): The owners of an island in Scotland that is being used to promote yoga as taught by controversial guru Swami Ramdev, have said that they intend to make it a worldwide destination and a place where a family can enjoy a wholesome experience.

Glasgow care homeowners Sam and Sunita Poddar bought the island of Wee Cumbrae for 2.5 million pounds in July and have renamed it Shanti Dwipam, which is Sanskrit for Peace Island.]

Sunita credits Patanjali Yog with curing her of severe obesity and says she and her husband hope to turn the island into a popular yoga and meditation retreat.

"Our aim is to make Wee Cumbrae a worldwide destination with something for the whole family to enjoy," she told Sky News.

"Whether it is experiencing the rejuvenating and healing powers of Yog Pranayam and Ayurved, exploring the magnificent history of the island, enjoying the many walking trails, or experiencing the many gifts of nature this beautiful island has to offer, we want to make Wee Cumbrae accessible for everyone," she added.

Swami Ramdev's controversial teachings have earned a mass following.

Wee Cumbrae is a 700-acre island off the Ayrshire coast. Around 1,000 people are travelling to it to seek the blessings of Swami Ramdev.

A distinctive figure in saffron robes with his long flowing locks and beard, he has attracted criticism due to his controversial views and claims about the powers of his yoga.

Ramdev has said the physical movement and breathing techniques involved can help cure cancer and treat AIDS.

Recently, he described homosexuals as "sick people" and said they should be sent to hospitals for treatment. (ANI)

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