Yorke suffered worst days of his career after falling out with Ferguson

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London, Sep 27 (ANI): Dwight Yorke suffered the worst days of his career after falling out with Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Despite winning the Treble and a hat-trick of Premier League titles, Yorke admits he spent the final three months of his glorious Old Trafford career getting drunk every Sunday in a bar while watching his fellow pros on TV.

Feruson had been looking to flog the golden boy striker to Middlesbrough following a series of bust-ups over his playboy lifestyle, News of the World reported.

Yorke's only hope was that Ferguson had insisted he would retire at the end of the season. Then came a very blunt warning from skipper Roy Keane that sent Yorke spiralling into despair.

"Yorkie - you're f***ed mate, he said as I arrived for training," recalls Yorke in his new autobiography.

"He was right. Fergie had announced he had postponed all notion of retirement. I smiled at Keano's brutal assessment of where I now stood at the club but it cut deep.

"The news was crushing. Those were the lowest days of my career and now the most determined bachelor at Old Trafford was paying for his single life. There was no one around to find comfort with.

Just a big empty house, packed with possessions and material wealth - but still just big and empty.

"I started to drink again. I wasn't an alcoholic. But it helped to ease the loneliness. I was like a zombie.

I'd call my mates and go out in an effort to try to forget what was happening but it could not fill the emptiness inside me. No matter how I tried, I couldn't get Fergie to change his mind about me and that only added to the frustration," the Paper quoted York, as saying. (ANI)

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