Obama to ask Iran to give access of its secret N-site to inspectors within weeks

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Washington, Sep. 27 (ANI): During their first direct talks with Tehran in 30 years, the United States is set to demand Iran to provide international inspectors a full access to their secret nuclear enrichment site "within weeks."

The Obama Administration is also likely to press Iran to turn over notebooks and computers that they think may document efforts to design weapons and let the key personnel related to the clandestine interviewed by the IAEA, The New York Times quoted a senior official, as saying.

The demands at this week's Geneva meeting are set to intensify the diplomatic tensions between Iran and the western countries, following Friday's revelation of the secret facility at a military base near the holy city of Qum.

According to the paper, President Barack Obama has repeatedly said that Iran must show significant cooperation by the end of the year, establishing what officials say is a three-month deadline.

American and European officials, however, suggest differences of opinion about how much time Iran should be given to show full compliance.

On Saturday, Iran's nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi had said the IAEA would be invited to visit the site near Qum that American intelligence agencies estimate was designed to house 3,000 centrifuges, enough to produce about one bomb's worth of material a year.

However he did not specify any timeframe for that, or whether would comply to any American and European demands on the issue.

Salehi also said that Obama's dramatic release of the information about the site at a global economic summit meeting was a "plot" meant to "unite the whole world against us." (ANI)

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