Racist attacks take over cricket for conversation between Indians and Australians

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New Delhi, Sep 25(ANI): Not long ago cricket was a common element in conversation between Indians and Australian nationals in India, because of the craze that both the countries have for cricket, but now things have changed.

Cricket is not the widespread element anymore, as following a spate of attacks on Indian nationals in Australia, 'racism' has taken over cricket.

After the violent incidents in Australia and wide media coverage, millions of Indians believe that Australians are racist, and now a conversation between the two nationals seem to begin and end on the topic of racial attacks that are reported from Down Under.

According to a recent survey by Matt Wade, the Delhi-based South Asia correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald, the series of assaults have left many Indians with deep suspicions about Australia.

In his survey, Wade revealed how even a drought-affected farmer from Haryana, Kulbhushen Sharma, looked into his eyes and asked: "What is your opinion about why our people are being attacked?"

Sharma further told him that he had always respected Australia because of the way both the countries were mad about cricket, but after the recent attacks on Indians in Melbourne and Sydney the view has been challenged.

What has gone wrong? The way in which Government from both the countries handled the situation or the media coverage that the incidents received?

No matter what the reason might be, but Australia's image has been quite severely dented after the issue was first raised.

The Indian Government has been good to Australia, its ministers have, to a great extent, refused to play up to the media hype. The strong public reaction has not been allowed to significantly affect diplomatic ties, but such is the political power of media in India that further attacks could make it difficult for New Delhi to be so friendly, he concludes. (ANI)

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