John Brumby assures India to provide details of racial attacks on Indians

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New Delhi, Sep.25 (ANI): Victoria Premier John Brumby on Friday assured that Australia will follow up incidents of 'racial attacks' and provide relevant details to the Government of India.

Addressing a gathering of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in the national capital, Brumy said: "I have given an undertaking today to [the Indian] ministers during my speech here today to keep the public of India better informed that I will be providing more advise on each incident and the follow up which is occurred. I believe that the concrete action that we have taken as a government, more police, stronger police powers, tougher sentencing rules, the international education line... ...24x7 line. I believe that the concrete action that we have taken is producing that results," said John Brumby, Victorian Premier, who is presently on a visit to India.

Brumby reiterated that relationship between India and Australia remains strong.

"I think the fundamentals between Australia and India and Victoria and India are unchanged and that's because the friendship that we have got underline the strength of that relationship is very very strong and so well set that I don't believe this has changed or will change," he said.

The Victorian Premier's visit has come after a series of violent assaults on Indian students earlier in the year in Melbourne in last few months.

The attacks described in the media as race-based caused some diplomatic discomfort between the two countries and sparked angry protests in India.

One of the objectives of Brumby's ongoing visit is to clear growing doubts about Australia's image as an 'unsafe country' for Indians.

Australian Government has condemned the attacks on Indians in their country but said racism was not behind them.

Around 93,000 of the 430,000 foreign students in Australia are Indians, up from around 30,000 just a few years ago. (ANI)

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