US considers Zardari's removal 'inevitable' following his abject failure: Pak Expert

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Islamabad, Sep.24 (ANI): The US Administration has reportedly come to the conclusion that a change in the Pakistani leadership is inevitable, after finding that President Asif Ali Zardari lacks credibility at home and has also failed constantly in keeping his promises, both on the war on terror and on government issues.

According to a well known Pakistani journalist and columnist, Dr Shahid Masood , the US may never admit it publicly, but it has serious problems with Zardari, and wants a change in the leadership, without disturbing the country's system,

"The main problem being faced by the US administration, which it may never admit publicly, is that the present set-up with Asif Ali Zardari as the de facto ruler, has no credibility at home and no ability to deliver on the promises he makes, either on the military side or on the war on terror or on governance issues," The News quoted Masood, as saying.

The change in the regime is inevitable and this message has already been conveyed by the US political and defence establishments to Pakistan's important political players including the MQM and the ANP, he said.

"Zardari has also abandoned the idea of political consensus which he had started to follow in the early days after the February elections. He appears to be non-serious in government and lives in perpetual fear and insecurity, preferring to stay out of the country," Masood quoted officials, as saying.

US officials said Zardari has failed to provide stability to his country.

"He has involved himself in day-to-day business and administrative matters while his political coalition and parliament have been left looking like dumb and dummies," he added.

Many officials say Zardari has been asking the US administration to bail him out on too many issues and too many occasions.

"He has sought the US help to tame the Army, keep his alliance partners, especially the opposition of Nawaz Sharif's PML-N in check, directly or through the Saudis on sensitive issues like Musharraf's or cutting his own constitutional powers," Masood said.(ANI)

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