5.5m python lifts Oz man trying to capture it off the ground!

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Melbourne, September 23 (ANI): A python lifted a man in Australia clean off the ground while he was trying to capture it.

The incident occurred when Aaron Chapman and two of his colleagues were trying to remove two 5.5m and 3.2m long pythons from the ceiling of the Yorkeys Knob Boating Club near Cairns on Monday.

Chapman revealed that here was another 6.4m - 21 feet python called 'Mummy' by the locals, capturing which was even more difficult.

Mummy is thought to be one of the largest pythons in Australia.

Chapman said that the Australian Venom Zoo at Kuranda would send four men to attempt to capture it, after the 5.5m male snake lifted his colleague clean off the ground.

"We grabbed one and it swung around and lifted Isaac, my larger colleague, off the ground," the Daily Telegraph quoted him as saying.

The men had to crawl through a one-metre space between roof and ceiling to locate the snakes.(ANI)

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