Navratra festivities overcome swine flu scare in Gujarat

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Ahmedabad, Sep.22 (ANI): The onset of Navratras has overtaken the swine flu fear factor in Gujarat. Hordes of youngsters are turning up at Garba dance venues in Gujarat.

In Ahmedabad, thousands of youngsters are converging at different venues that allow people to dance in large groups wearing colourful traditional dresses and jewellery meant for the occasion.

Garba participants love dancing in small or large groups to the vibrant tunes of Gujarati songs, usually, in open grounds.

Youngsters are regularly visiting the Garba dance venues at night in groups The festival mood has overtaken the swine flu scare as thousands of men and women are joining each other every night in tapping their feet to the popular music.

"Gujarati people are enjoying all over here. They are not affected by swine flu and all that. Navratri is Navratri, even better than previous years. We are enjoying a lot," said Meenu, a Garba dance enthusiast at the Rajpath Club.

Foreigners are also visiting these dance venues to enjoy the traditional Gujarati dances.

Samantha, a South African, said she was overwhelmed to see the Garba dance in Gujarat.

"This is my first Navratri. We have been in India since April. This is the first half of festival we have been to. We all enjoyed the dancing. It's been great fun," said Samantha, who joined others in a Garba dance organised at the Rajpath Club.

To ensure that revellers enjoy their Garba night outs seamlessly, the club arranged tight security in and around the dance venue.

Security personnel have been deployed at check-points and people's activities are being monitored on CCTV cameras.

People are happy with the security arrangements.

"It (security) is better this year as compared with previous year. Security is tight. Police is at every point. Security is better this year compared to previous year," said Manish, a garba dancer.

Last year the Navratra festivities were a low-key affair in the State following recession and 26/11 terror attacks. However, this year the general mood is perked up in spite of H1N1 virus. By Uday Adhvaryu (ANI)

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