US-Pak relations complicated, but indispensable: Holbrooke

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Washington, Sep 19(ANI): United States special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, has said that the US-Pakistan partnership is "complicated, but indispensable," and reaffirmed the Obama administration's support to Pakistan.

Holbrooke said this while quashing media reports, which had suggested that the US embassy in Islamabad was expanding in order to secretly house 1000 marines as some kind of a military footprint, The News reports.

He emphasised that the embassy was being enlarged to help relations between the two close allies, and said: "We are enlarging the embassy, because Pakistan is very important and our embassy is smaller than that of let's say Colombia. We need to increase the size of the embassy in order to serve the policies (that befit) relations between the two nations, who have a complicated, but indispensable relationship and partnership."

Holbrooke was speaking at an event to launch a Pashto broadcast service along Pakistan-Afghanistan border regions by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL).

He further said that the US was looking forward to contributing to Pakistan citizens by broadcasting in the local language.

"The key is Pakistanis themselves, and we will support them every way we can, in the media area as everywhere else. We are not going to set up American broadcasting stations, this is an open part of the international network (providing) the means of communication to the people of Pakistan," Holbrooke said. (ANI)

Amity Business School holds fifth Global Leadership Summit|Business[New Delhi{New Delhi, Sep.19 (ANI): Amity Business School (ABS) on Saturday organized its fifth annual Global Leadership Summit with the theme "Businesses Beyond the Downturn".

A number of corporate veterans, including D.K. Purwar, Executive Director, Gas Authority of India Ltd (GAIL), V K Sharma, CMD, National Fertilizers Ltd., Priti Mathur, Executive Director and Chief of Corporate Planning, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) and others attended the event.

'Amity Leadership Awards for Corporate Excellence" were conferred on several corporate honchos for their contribution towards the growth and development of the country.

Corporate giants also used the event to discuss how to combat recession.

The summit provided students with the opportunity of rubbing shoulders with corporate giants, who shared their experiences.

" "Boom" and "downturn" are the two phases of economic cycle and after one phase other phase is bound to come. "Recession is a time of economic crisis; a time full of adversaries and throwing plenty of challenges. This phase has different meaning for different organizations; for some organizations recession is a blessing in disguise," said Purwar.

Purwar also outlined how despite the recession, GAIL has been contributing to the development of the country with the help of its efficient management and their leadership.

V.K.Sharma said recession is unavoidable and an inevitable part of business.

Priti Mathur shared several ONGC strategies to combat the recession.

Honouring and acknowledging the unparallel and incomparable contribution of several corporate " Amity Leadership Awards" were bestowed upon them during the Summit such as:-

'Amity Leadership Award for Corporate Excellence in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry'

ONGC received the 'Amity Leadership Award for Corporate Excellence in the healthcare Industry', Stryker Global Technology Center received the 'Amity Leadership Award for Excellence in Umbilical Cord Blood Banking', Cryobanks International India received the 'Amity Leadership Award for Excellence in the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production' ,Cairn India Ltd. received the 'Amity Leadership Award for Excellence in the Networking and Systems Integration' Spanco Ltd.'Amity Leadership Awards for Corporate Excellence" were also conferred upon Hilton Hotels, Tata Teleservices Ltd, Koutons Retail India Ltd., MBD Group, Bharti Teletech Ltd., PVR Ltd. and many more

The second session on " Leadership Challenges for CEO's" focused on the major challenges faced by the CEOs and top management in dealing with strategic perspectives related to growth, customers, crisis and risk. (ANI)

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