Former Malaysian PM, MIC chief Samy Vellu engaged in war of words

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Putrajaya (Malaysia), Sep 19 (ANI): Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has warned that Malaysian Indian Congress President S. Samy Vellu will become a liability to the Barisan Nasional in the next general election since his leadership has failed.

Mohamad suggested that Samy Vellu should step down and take responsibility for the party's failure in the last general election.

"If we look at other countries, whenever a leader fails, he resigns. In Japan, he commits harakiri. We're not asking him to commit harakiri. This is not directed at Samy Vellu alone because there are others who are like him," The Star Online quoted him, as saying.

"Malaysian leaders still do not understand that when they fail, they should resign of their own volition, no need for others to tell them," he added.

He said Barisan leaders must admonish Samy Vellu because they were responsible not only for the performance of their own parties but also that of the coalition.

"If I know that a person will cause the BN to lose, that is already a BN problem, no longer an MIC problem. Because of him, the BN lost. Previously, there was no Hindraf. It's him that the people don't want but he still wants to be president," Dr Mohamad said.

On Samy Vellu's chosen leaders winning last week, Dr Mohamad said they could win party elections, but would lose in the general elections because the people would not support them.

Reacting to Dr Mohamad's statement, Samy Vellu said the former prime minister who is now calling him a liability had labelled him an asset "when we were winning."

"His comments are like telling a young wife that she is beautiful and an asset, but when she becomes old, she is branded a liability," he said. (ANI)

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