Musharraf may avoid noose but won't be playing golf in Pak for long time: Editorial

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Islamabad, Sep.16 (ANI): With President Asif Ali Zardari disclosing that his predecessor General Pervez Musharraf was given a 'safe exit' from the country, it appears, Musharraf may have avoided a high treason trial for his unconstitutional actions, but according to an editorial there is hardly any possibility of the former general returning to Pakistan in the near future.

The editorial in The Daily Times said Musharraf may be safe for the time being, but he would hardly be seen playing golf in Pakistan for years to come.

Referring to the Kargil debacle, the editorial termed Musharraf as a bad strategist, and alleged that the former general was rarely seen keeping his words during his autocratic rule.

"Neither was he a great strategist, as was proved by Kargil and his covert support of the Taliban; he was also no man of his word. He may be safe from the hangman's noose but he will not be able to play golf in Pakistan for a long time," the editorial said.

It also blasted the country's political leaders for running to foreign powers for protecting their heads from 'internal' crises.

"Too proud to admit that there could be foreign stakeholders in Pakistan, a direct violation of state sovereignty, we can't, however, deny that our politicians have leaned on foreign guarantors to save their careers and sometimes their lives," the editorial said.

"Therefore, if President Zardari today absolves his party from the discomfiture of bringing Musharraf to trial, he knows that the PMLN leader Mr Nawaz Sharif too is riding in the same boat with him," it went on to add.

However, the editorial lauded the Pakistan Army for refraining from getting involved in the demand for Musharraf's trial, saying the armed forces, till now, had reacted sensibly.

"The one stakeholder in Pakistan that has acted less rashly than the politicians is the Pakistan Army. It has seen more clearly the risks that would have affected Pakistan's security if the populist demand for Musharraf's head had been met," it concluded. (ANI)

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