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Imphal, Sep.16 (ANI): "Move onward with the Lord within your heart and with the footprints of your ancestors in your eyes' is the greatest moral teaching from Heigru Hidongba ceremony held every year in Manipur.

Heigru Hidongba, a socio-religious ceremony, to exhibit the firm devotion of the descendants of the Great Grand Mantri Anandashai of Lord Bejoy Govindajee was recently held in Imphal.

Devotees brought offerings of Heigru (Amla) fruit to the almighty on the 11th day of Langban Manipuri month which coincides with September to bring prosperity to the community.

During this festival a special boat race 'Hiyang Tanaba' is held in the sacred Thangapat Moat of Sagolband, Bejoy Govinda in Imphal amidst singing of devotional songs and a lot of clamour.

It attracted a huge number of spectators on this occasion. "We have organized the ceremony so that we can come and pray together so that the ills of the society will be removed and also for peace to be restored in our land that is filled with violence. In other places, it is celebrated anytime as a festival but we celebrate it as it is our custom," said Boshana, organiser of the Heigru Hidongba festival.

"This is the 231st Heigru Hidongba Festival. The main theme of the festival is about preserving the age old traditional beliefs and customs of our culture," said Magochandra, a local resident.

Devotees converged at the Bijoygobinda Moat at Sagoband to witness the ceremony symbolising the unity, which was once deeply rooted amongst the Manipuris' ancestors and for their struggle for peace and freedom.

Devotees, today, believe that the ceremony brings prosperity to the State and overcomes ills of the society. (ANI)

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