Bharatiya Janata Party criticises austerity drive

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New Delhi/Patna, Sept 16 (ANI): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has criticised the austerity measures mooted by the Central Government in view of the economic downturn and drought-like situation prevailing in the country.

Addressing the media persons here on Tuesday, spokesperson of the BJP, Rajeev Pratap Rudy, said the austerity drive would not impress the masses.

He said that the government has not cared to check the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities.

"The euphoria of austerity is a suspect. The futile chest beating will not impress a common man who is faced with high prices for food and other essential commodities," said Rudy.

The BJP was also critical of journeys undertaken by Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi's travel by train to Punjab on Tuesday.

"We want the Congress family would undertake a journey on Shatabdi in future also. We welcome it. Sonia Gandhi undertook a journey in economy class and we welcome it. But somewhere this has to be studied as to what is the cost that the country is paying for her austerity," added Rudy.

Meanwhile in Patna, Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad Yadav said that the Central Ministers ought to travel by the three-tier sleeper class.

"Journeys should be undertaken in a three-tier bogie of a train, which would lay an impact on the masses that our leaders are following the path of Mahatma Gandhi. They would see that the Congress is taking the austerity drive to meet the financial crisis. This is my advice," said Lalu. (ANI)

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