Scared Premier League stars to take only bullet-proof rides

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London, Sep. 15 (ANI): Petrified about being targeted by carjackers or kidnappers, many Premier League footballers are getting their cars fitted with bullet-proof defence systems.

Millionaire players, whose luxury rides are seen as "soft targets" by kidnap squads, have equipped their cars with bullet-proof glass and armour plated bodywork originally designed for the military that can withstand attack from a hammer, gun blast or even a bomb.

The sort of toughened glass they are employing is guaranteed to deflect a .38 revolver round at 50 feet, The Sun reports.

It has been commonplace for Statesmen and royalty for years - but is easily affordable for millionaire sportsman and celebrities.

Our source added: "It might seem paranoid to have a bullet-plated car. But why take the risk if you've got that much money?

"At lot of players are coming in from Eastern Europe and parts of South America where kidnap is commonplace. Try telling them that it's an unnecessary expense."

The security concerns came after a string of raids on the homes of Kop idol Steven Gerrard, Manchester United's Darren Fletcher and England striker Emile Heskey.

In order to save their property, football stars had installed minders, CCTV systems and panic rooms in their homes, but now cops fear savvy crooks will simply target their luxury cars instead.

Security experts have warned that a WAG or a footballer could be killed if the level of violence continues to escalate.

"It's all very well turning your property into a fortress. But as soon as you step outside you become a target.

"Criminals aren't stupid. They target the weakest link - and that weakest link might just be a WAG on route to her favourite boutique," the paper quoted a security insider, as saying. (ANI)

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