One out of two Brits thinks anyone can do a better job than Gordon Brown

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London, Sep. 15 (ANI): Nearly half of the British population believes that anyone in the Labour Party can do a better job than Prime Minister Gordon Brown, a new poll has found.

According to a Populus Poll conducted by The Times, 48 per cent of voters think that "literally anyone" from Labour's ranks could do better, while only a third say that Brown is the best leader available for the party.

The clear verdict, which came nine months before the general elections, confirms that Brown has a tough road ahead of fourth term.

The poll also found that 61 percent see him as a liability to Labour compared with 34 per cent who consider him an asset.

The latest poll, conducted over the weekend, puts Labour on 27 per cent, up 1 point on mid-July. The Conservatives are up 3 points at 41 per cent and the Liberal Democrats down 2 points at 18 per cent.

No party has ever recovered from being so far behind in the polls at this stage of a Parliament to win the subsequent general election.

The only good news for Brown seems to be the lack of agreement on an alternative.

About two thirds (65 per cent) of those polled believe that others would make a better leader than Brown, but only 17 per cent suggested names of other Labour politicians.

Of those who cited successors, 13 per cent suggested the name of David Miliband, 7 per cent said Harriet Harman and 6 per cent name Jack Straw or Alan Johnson. (ANI)

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