Four dogs on show slog under hot sun, die

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Chennai, Sep 14 (ANI): Four dogs died after being made to run under the hot sun during a canine show in Chennai.

Around 650 dogs of 55 breeds participated in the show put up by the Madras Canine Club.

Though the dog show was a hit with the dog lovers and other excited audience, the show was marred by the death of four dogs, - two Neo dogs, an Irish Setter and a Rotowieler, due to sun stroke.

Rakesh, whose dog died during the show, blamed the judges for, what he called, the dog's "murder."

"My dog was murdered, plain blatantly murdered by the judge who was supposed to judge the dog. He is supposed to judge the dog. While judging the dog he should know what the dog is capable of and what he is not capable of. He had absolutely no right to make the dog run twelve rounds in the hot sun," he said.

The show was disrupted for a few hours following the death of the dogs.

The show highlighted number of rich breeds including Irish Setter, Retriever Golden, Retriever Labrador, Spaniel, English Basset Hound, Beagle, Dachshund, Rajapalayam Chippiparai, Fox Terrier, Pinscher, Pug, Bull Dog, Dalmatian, Doberman, German Shepherd, Neopolitan Mastiff, Great Dane, Gogue De Bordaux, Bull Mastiff, Fox Hound and Siberian Husky. (ANI)

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