Putin hints at return to presidency for two more terms till 2024

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London, Sep 12 (ANI): Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is strongly considering to become President again and swap places with present incumbent Dimitri Medvedev, which will allow the former KGB spy to remain in power till 2024.

Putin insisted that swapping places with Medvedev was no more sinister than the Labour leadership agreement in which Gordon Brown took Tony Blair's job.

Replying to a question on running for the presidency, Putin said that he would come to an accommodation with Medvedev, just as the two men had done when Putin stepped down in 2008.

"We will come to an agreement because we are people of the same blood and of the same political views," The Times quoted Putin, as saying.

"According to the reality of the moment, we will make an analysis and take a decision. Did we compete in 2008? No. So we will not compete in 2012," Putin told foreign correspondents and academics at the annual Valdai Discussion Club.

This is the strongest hint he has given so far that he is considering returning to the Kremlin. Putin stepped down after serving a maximum two terms as President and allowed Medvedev to run largely unopposed in presidential elections last year.

His term ends in 2012 when new constitutional provisions will allow the next president to serve two six-year terms, the paper reports.

It the things go as planned; Putin will be in power until 2024, when he would be 72.

Putin insisted that Medvedev was in control when asked who was in charge in Russia.

"We have nothing to prove to anyone. If someone lives in a dream he needs to wake up, take a shower and look at reality. If you want to co-operate with Russia you need to know that it is the President who heads Russia," he said.

Putin deflected questions about whether he had met Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, on a secret visit to Moscow on Monday. He warned that any attacks against Iran would be counter-productive.(ANI)

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