London bridges battling it out on Twitter

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London, Sep 12: Britain's most famous bridges are at loggerheads on Twitter, by teasing each other not only for their updates, but also over toll prices.

The famous London Bridge is relentlessly teasing its neighbour Tower Bridge for the tedium and pomposity of its updates.

On the other hand, the Severn Bridge and Bristol's Clifton Suspension Bridge have fallen out over tolls.

And it all started when the managers of Tower Bridge set up an official Twitter account to alert Londoners every time it was raised to let ships pass.

It repeatedly posted updates like, "I am opening for the SB Lady Daphne, which is passing upstream. I am closing after the SB Lady Daphne has passed upstream."

But, soon someone set up a rival account under the name "I'm London Bridge", and it's first words on the site made it clear that it was at a war of words with Tower Bridge.

"Certain other bridges in London think they're so cool getting a Twitter account. Well they're not. I'm the coolest bridge in London. Official," the Telegraph quoted it as saying on Twitter.

While London Bridge's attempts to get a reaction from its more admired rival have so far proved unsuccessful, but it is still continuing the taunting.

In fact, its witty posts have attracted a decent audience - it has 1,400 followers, compared to Tower Bridge's 1,900 - and spawned a host of imitators.

Last month, two of the bridges in West Country- the Severn Bridge and the Clifton Suspension Bridge- crossed swords over toll charges.

The Severn mocked the Clifton Suspension for its inability to accept 5p coins, provoking responses like-"You aren't in Bristol so don't get all uppity with me young pup" and "FIVE PENCE PIECES ARE EVIL AND NOT WORTH MY TIME."


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