Is Al-Qaida's central leadership weakening?

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London, Sep 11(ANI): Al-Qaida, known for its rigorous training camps for terrorists to carry out attacks around the World, is now undergoing a massive change as tales from six captured Al-Qaida terrorists belonging to immigrant communities in France and Belgium reveals another facet of the organisation.

According to intelligence reports, it is claimed that all the flashy videos shown to prospect recruits were a "trick", which served a dual purpose -"to intimidate enemies and to attract new recruits" The Guardian reports.

However, the reality had a different picture for them, they had to spent months in Pakistan's rugged frontier zones and had nothing more than basic small arms training, some physical exercise and religious instruction.

They were also expected to pay around 1,000 dollars for their equipment, weapons and accommodation.

The disappointments for them continued, as they did not get any opportunity to meet supreme head Osama Bin Laden, nor was there any real need for them as fighters in Afghanistan.

Training provided to them involved little live firing and weeks of religious instruction from a junior cleric.

Though the six were forbidden to venture outdoors, one of the six did eventually participate in operations against US forces. (ANI)

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