'Dhiyan Da Mela' in Punjab spreads social messages

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Ludhiana, Sep.11 (ANI): Cultural Affairs Department and Punjab Arts Council organized 'Virasti Mela Dhian Da' - a heritage festival for women the two-day event at Ludhiana's Government College for Women.

It also spread awareness on female foeticide.

Girl students of various colleges, wearing traditional clothes and jewellery, converged to swing and sing traditional 'Teej' songs.

The festival which aims to promote Punjab's culture and traditional heritage showcased Punjab of yesteryears.

During the festival, people were told about issues like environment and female foeticide.

"We want to spread a message through this fair that social evils like female foeticide and killing of women for dowry should be stopped. The girls who have made their mark in various fields are being honored here. The main aim is to remind people of their cultural heritage," said Hira Singh Gabria, Tourism and Cultural Affairs Minister of Punjab.

Punjab's rich and vibrant culture, which is gradually fading away in the modern times, came alive at the fair.

Punjabi girls sang folk songs, and traditional ornaments and Punjabi cuisine were showcased at an open village.

To raise awareness among the young generation about the rich culture of Punjab - pottery, knitting, spinning wheel and Phulkari embroidery competitions were also organized.

To watch villagers playing cards at the 'Chaupal' was a joy reminiscent of old times, as were cherished by the people of the neighborhood. isitors, especially the youth, were delighted to catch a glimpse of traditional Punjab.

"The atmosphere at the fair is draws us towards our culture and motivates us to preserve our cultural heritage along in modern times," said one of the visitors.

"Such fairs play an important role in keeping our culture alive. This fair is making the visitors aware of their culture and traditions. People are forgetting Punjabi culture and we believe that this fair will help in preserving it," said another visitor.

For two consecutive days, folk dances and music competitions were held to encourage young girls to keep alive the rich tradition.

While performing the exuberant dance called Giddha, the girls recited verses called boliyan, which represent folk poetry at its best.

Giddha is not performed according to any rigid set pieces or sequences - it is a free style, spontaneous and creative dance.

Heritage fairs like this one will help to keep this lively dance form alive for generations to come. By Karan Kapoor (ANI)

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