UK cop claims low police salary forced her into prostitution!

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London, Sep 10 (ANI): A UK cop, who was exposed for moonlighting as a hooker, has claimed that she was forced into prostitution because of the low police salary.

WPC Ruth Carter, 27, had taken paid maternity leave, but she was instead caught working as a 150 pound-an-hour escort.

Carter quit Thames Valley Police hours after she was revealed by a reporter of the British tabloid the Sun of offering full sex on an appointment, and of promising to wear a police uniform if he booked a second session.

The mum of one, from Warfield, Berks, is estimated to have been earning 25,000 pounds a year on the force.

"Not long after my child's birth I realised I would not be able to pay the mortgage, the bills and all I could have wanted for my daughter on the income that I had," the Sun quoted her as saying.

"So I decided to get involved in escorting.

"My plan was to return to work after a year's maternity leave, only part of which would be paid," she said.

The website for her agency, Top Hat Escorts in nearby Bracknell, showed her in provocative poses.

Carter apologised on September 9 for the scandal she had caused, saying she should have resigned from the force as soon as she joined the agency.

"I signed up to the agency and in hindsight I should have resigned there and then from Thames Valley," she said.

"It was not my intention to mislead the force.

"I have not claimed anything from my daughter's father or claimed child benefits.

"I want to do the best for my child and myself without having to burden family and friends with financial issues," she explained.

Carter, who served as a cop for three years, and could still face a criminal charge of misconduct in public office, which carries a maximum life sentence, was asked if she had spoken to Thames Valley Police.

"My contact has been minimal," she stated.

Detectives are studying evidence and have not ruled out further action, but the force has refused to comment on Carter's claims. (ANI)

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