Gorilla-like creature resembling 'Bigfoot' photographed in Kentucky backyard

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London, September 10 (ANI): A gorilla-like creature that resembles the mythical creature 'Bigfoot' is causing excitement on the web after being photographed in the back garden of a home in Kentucky in the US.

According to a report in the Telegraph, the large, hairy beast can be seen in a blurry picture taken on an automatic camera set up by an amateur hunter.

While flicking through images of rabbits and deer, Kenny Mahoney noticed a dark, humanoid creature that does not look like any of the southern US state's known native species.

The mystery animal's head appears too small for it to be a bear, leaving Mahoney wondering whether he had accidentally captured one of the clearest ever photos of Bigfoot.

"It looked like it had the outline of a head, and like gorilla type shoulders, and then the arms crossed is what it looks like to me," said Mahoney.

"One of the explanations my brother-in-law said it may be a garbage bag blowed up in there, but all the smashed over vegetation in there - I really don't know. I have no idea what it is," he added.

Mahoney said he is very doubtful that the creature in the photo is Bigfoot.

His wife Margaret has sent the image to a wildlife expert in the hope of getting it identified.

The mythical ape-like creature Bigfoot is most regularly sighted in the forests in the northwestern states and provinces of North America, although last month a teenage girl in Poland reported seeing a similar beast.

Last year, two men in the US state of Georgia claimed to have discovered a body of Bigfoot, but subsequently confessed that photos they produced as "proof" of their find actually showed a rubber ape costume. (ANI)

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