Secret behind fit Michelle Obama's sculpted arms revealed

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London, September 8 (ANI): The secret behind Michelle Obama's perfect figure including finely sculpted arms is finally out.

Cornell McClellan, America's First Lady's long-time personal trainer, has revealed that she is sincere about her fitness regime and is very hardworking.

"She's truly committed herself to the importance of health and fitness," Timesonline quoted him as saying.

The fitness expert added that Michelle follows an intense routine of cardio workouts and weight training, after which she ends with the "arm-shaping superset" of tricep pushdowns and hammer curls to tone her arms.

Michelle recently said in an interview to Women's Health and Children's Health magazine that her disciplined approach is significant in making her kids realize the importance of living a healthy life.

She said: "But health and fitness and how we eat and thinking about it has become part of our lives, because of our kids.

"We are their primary role models. And if they see me exercising and thinking about what I'm eating, if they see their father, as busy as he is, getting to the gym and playing sports, when they grow up they'll understand that this is a natural part of being an adult."

However, her president husband takes it a little light.

He said: "My blood pressure is pretty low, and I tend to be a healthy eater. So I probably could get away with cutting (my workouts) back a little bit. The main reason I do it is just to clear my head and relieve me of stress." (ANI)

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