Hyenas go on a rampage near Ranchi

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Ranchi, Sep 7 (ANI): Fear has gripped villagers on the outskirts of Ranchi after hyenas went on a rampage, attacking around a dozen people last month.

A pack of hyenas attacked at least a dozen people in Lalli and neighbouring villages. One died and five persons were injured.

Forest officials swung into action and took the victims, most of them unaware of the risk of rabies and other diseases that the hyena bite could cause, for medical aid.

"I got the information around that hyena had injured three people in the villages around Ranchi.

I reached there and admitted them to hospital. They were given anti-Rabies and haemoglobin injection and their dressing was done and a compensation of 41 dollars was given to the injured," said Hafiz Alam, a forest officer of Angara block.

A villager, Karam Singh Munda, who was wounded by the hyenas, later died in the hospital.

"He started feeling dizzy and then he began vomiting. Forest officials came along with a doctor and took him to the hospital but he died in the hospital," said Birda Munda, victim's father.

Hyenas are regarded as nature's major scavengers. They also feed on small animals, insects and even fruits. Of course there are instances of hyenas collectively targeting a game larger in size such as deer and calves of wild buffaloes, if found alone.

There are different types of hyenas such as brown hyena, striped hyena, spotted hyena or the laughing hyena.

A cackle of hyenas is usually nomadic, moving from one water hole to another but never straying more than six miles (10 km) from one. (ANI)

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