Sale of miniature Quran books up in Varanasi during Ramadan

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Varanasi, Sep. 6 (ANI): The copies of a one-inch miniature Quran are selling like hot cakes in Varanasi during the holy month of Ramadan.

The miniature of the Quran, available in different colour covers, are being curiously lapped up by the customers.

They are in big demand not only in India but also overseas.

"The Holy Quran sells in a big way at our shop during Ramadan. This time one inch-Quran is in big demand. This is the Quran... It is exported to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. People wear it around their necks like lockets," says Ramjan Ali, a shopkeeper.

People say these miniature copies have the same virtue and value of the Quran. Apart from its unique size, people say the miniature copies can be handy while traveling and have the same healing power and spiritual power of the Quran.

"If we are travelling and we don't have the Quran then we can take the small one with us. If we get scared of any thing then the Quran protects us," said Taqir Hussain, a buyer.

The scriptures written on the miniature book are hardly legible, but the book does make a nice souvenir to present and for the 'faithful' it acts a protective cover during a crisis. (ANI)

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