High-end crystal and glassware industry in high demand in India

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Chandigarh, Sept.6 (ANI): Dynamic lifestyle and a growing brand-consciousness among people in India has boosted the demand for high-end glassware and crystals. The expanding hotel and tourism industry has also generated robust demand for glass and crystal products.

A symbol of refined taste, crystal ware is the preferred choice of any brand conscious Indian. Earlier, these products had a niche clientele,, but with rising incomes there is a growing demand from different sections of society.

It wouldn't be wrong to say that crystal glassware has caught the fancy of most Indians, be it wine glasses, bowls, decanters or decorative pieces.

"People have become more brand conscious. They want to see all those products, which they have seen abroad. So they want all those brands to come to India so that they can avail those accessories or decoration item from that brand... from that international brand," said Nitin Tyagi, Store Manager, FCML Home.

Giving crystal and glassware as gift is also gaining popularity.

Utility crystal gifts in avant-garde designs and figurines provide gift solutions for individuals and corporate buyers.

While engraved personalized gifts in crystal have gained popularity in the Indian market, crystal ware is also being increasingly used as a corporate gift.

Though household purchases account for the largest chunk of 225 million USD crystal market, sales in corporate and hospitality sector are increasing by the day.

"Even today like the fruit bowls, they are not only to put the fruits...they are like basically used as decorative pieces. I have used it at my place. I have used it on the tables and everything. And all these pieces you can use as decoration also because in my kitchen I have used these glasses as decoration pieces. So, these things are no more like kitchen usable things but now they are now more into decorative things," said Mohina, a corporate buyer.

Eighty three per cent of crystal ware consumers belong to affluent sections that, on an average, spend between 200 to 220 dollars on crystal ware purchases.

Consumers in the 35 to 50 year age bracket are seen as crystal-collecting enthusiasts.

"Seeing the popularity of glass and crystal ware many foreign companies are eyeing the Indian market," said Heinz Tabertshofer, a designer with Swarovski.

Swarovski, the leading Austrian company that produces lead crystal glass products, has already made a mark in India and is one of the most preferred brands in the country.

The U.S-based premium glassware brand, Libbey has joined hands with Hamilton Housewares to expand its market in India.

And more domestic and foreign players are set to enter India's growing market for crystal and glassware products.

The global size of the glassware market is estimated to be six to seven billion dollars while in India it is 10-15 million dollars. And, its growth is likely to touch new heights with the surge in the hospitality sector in India. By Sunil Sharma (ANI)

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