Punjab authorities launch drive to uproot "Congress Grass"

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Nag Khurd (Amritsar), Sep.5 (ANI): Farmers in Punjab are confronted with an unusual problem these days. A weed described as "Congress Grass" has covered all soil-bunds in the fields here and the administration is taking up measures to educate farmers about how to obviate it.

The "Congress Grass" is said to be a major biological pollutant of the environment. It is described as one of the seven most destructive weeds of the world.

Locally known as 'Gajar Buti', the Congress Grass has become an ecological nuisance especially on sides of link roads and other waste lands. It causes Asthma, Allergy and skin diseases to humans and also the animals.

It becomes a host for dangerous insects. Nowadays the vast growth of this weed can also be seen on roadsides and other wastelands.

Observing its harmful effects on the fields, the agriculture department has decided to pull out the "Congress grass" from its roots.

It is a mechanical technique in which fodder cutter machines attached to tractors are to be used to clear the area covered up by Congress Grass.

The novel technique of mechanical removal of this weed from the sides of link roads and wastelands in Amritsar district was started on Thursday.

Authorities are spreading public awareness among farmers through demonstrations about the new technique with the help of fodder cutting machine by eradicating Congress Grass.

With the help of the machines, the farmers are able to get rid of this menace of "Congress Grass" more effectively and rapidly.

The idea to use fodder cutting machine for this purpose has been conceived by Deputy Commissioner, Amritsar, Kahn Singh Pannu.

On Thursday, Pannu demonstrated to farmers by driving a tractor in Nag Khurd village in Majitha area about how to pull out the "Congress Grass".

Talking to ANI Pannu said, this is first time in Punjab that they are cutting the hazardous weed "Congress Grass" with fodder cutter machines and it is giving god results.

According to Pannu, Congress Grass is not only harmful to the crop but also causes severe skin problems like rashes and itching and some time cause respiratory diseases.

"Through demonstration, we are creating awareness and educating the farmers to get rid of this unwanted weed by applying new methods," Pannu said.

With the help of department of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Rural Development, about 20 Fodder Cutter Machines in the district will be employed for the removal of the Congress Grass from the berms and the waste lands in the district.

The farmers, who own these machines, will operate them to remove the weed and they will be paid for their services by the Panchayats (village councils).

"Since these day we have ample time so we would pull out the Congress Grass by applying the new method," said Satnam Singh, a farmer, while adding that it is more convenient as there has been always a shortage of labour in Punjab.

"Apart from the damage to crop through reduced yields, Congress Grass is weakening the strength of the land," said Inder Preet Singh, another farmer.

Appreciating the efforts being made by administrative authorities, Singh said he feels that agriculture department should organize more camps so that the more farmers could benefit by eradicating the Congress Grass from their field. By Ravinder Singh Robin(ANI)

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