'Telepathic' microchip can help paraplegics operate PCs, TV by thought

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London, September 4 (ANI): A British scientist has developed a "telepathic" microchip that can enable paraplegics to operate PCs and television by thought alone.

Jon Spratley, 28, who works for Cornwall-based specialist engineering company 42 Technology, developed this chip while studying for a PhD at Birmingham University.

He says that the chip takes advantage of the fact that even though paraplegics are unable to move their limbs, their brains still produce an electronic signal when they try.

He adds that once implanted onto the surface of the brain, the chip captures this electronic "thought" and transmits it wirelessly to control a range of simple devices.

He hopes that this chip may prove very help paraplegics, amputees, and those with motor neurone disease to operate light switches, PCs and even cars by the power of thought alone.pratley, from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, revealed that the main aim of his research was to "help patients communicate".

"We are just trying to help people with severe communication problems or motor neurone disease - like Dr Stephen Hawking or Christopher Reeve," the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

"What we have designed would allow them to control a computer with their thoughts - if they imagine their muscles moving that could flick a light switch for example," he added.

Spratley, honoured with the MediMaton prize by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, claims that implanting the chips will require minimal invasive surgery.

Tests conducted in the laboratory have shown the technology to work, but human trials have not been conducted as yet. (ANI)

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