McDonald's manager tells court "I'm, like, remorseful" for taking nude workmate's pic!

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Sydney, Sep 4 (ANI): It has emerged that a McDonald's manager, who took a secret photograph of a colleague sleeping naked and then showing it to other staff members, has told a Brisbane court: "I am, like, remorseful".

Amanda Jane Murison, 21, of Runcorn in Brisbane's south, was at a fast-food conference at a Hamilton Island resort in August last year, and she was sharing a room with a 48-year-old woman, also a McDonald's manager.

But Brisbane District Court was told the older woman believed she had the room to herself and was sleeping naked on a bed when Murison returned late at night after drinking with other managers.

Crown prosecutor Patricia Castner said Murison claimed she thought the naked woman, who she did not know, looked "weird and funny" so she used her mobile phone to take a photograph of her.

Later that night, she showed the picture to two other McDonald's managers at the resort and the next day over breakfast word spread of the photograph's existence.

The court heard Murison handed her phone around to at least five people for viewing the photograph.

"[She said] people were asking to see it and she wanted to make friends," Sydney Morning Herald quoted Castner as saying.

Murison's victim learnt about the photo after being told by another McDonald's manager: "It's definitely you".

"[The woman] was extremely upset and emotional. She was still crying the next day and was really embarrassed," Castner said.

McDonald's took disciplinary action against Murison by demoting her from her position of assistant manager at its Springwood outlet.

Police were also notified and Murison told officers she was sorry she took the photograph but claimed her victim was partly to blame.

"She put herself in that situation," Murison told police.

"I don't think it was right that I had to walk into a bedroom and see that," she had said.

Murison, who said she was not aware the woman believed she had the room to herself, has pleaded guilty to one count of making a recording in breach of privacy and five counts of distributing a prohibited visual recording.

Defence barrister Aaron Simpson said McDonald's had invited his client and other managers to the resort to reward them for their good performance, and that free alcohol had been provided on the night of the offence.

"Despite her being a manager of McDonald's, [Murison is] a manager of flipping burgers, not a person who is trained up to deal with situations such as these," Simpson said.

He said his client was young and immature and had committed "a stupid act, a misguided stupid joke".

Judge Helen O'Sullivan said it was important young people realised that the inappropriate use of modern technology could land them in court.

She sentenced Murison to 60 hours' community service and ordered her to pay her victim 1000 dollars.

"Ask your mother how she would feel in that situation," the judge told her.

From the prisoner's dock Murison said she understood the seriousness of her conduct.

"I am very, like, remorseful for what I did," she stated. (ANI)

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