Moonbell - the way to make sweet music from Moon!

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London, Sept 2 (ANI): Food for thought: What would music made on the moon sound like? Stop scratching your head, for JAXA, Japan's space exploration agency, has come up with the answer.

JAXA has created a strange little applet on its Web site called "Moonbell", which is free to use.

It takes topographic data gathered by the agency's Kaguya orbiter, and translates them into patterns of ascending and descending musical notes, reports The Telegraph.

Users can either play a full orbit or select the "free scratch" mode, which allows them to map their own routes across the Moon's surface.

Like a record player, Moonbell translates the bumps and ridges it detects into musical notes.

The resulting compositions can be interpreted by any combination of more than 138 instruments. (ANI)

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