Keeping your Ferrari in garage can make you a cool £100k richer!

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London, Sept 1(ANI): A businessman made a superprofit of 100,000 pounds when he sold off his rare Ferrari, which he never even drove.

The businessman from Paris had bought the 2004 Enzo from British supercar dealer Tom Hartley for 625,000 pounds last year. This year he sold it back to him for 725,000 pounds.

He had bought the 2002 launched Enzo, for it was a "safer" investment than saving money in banks.

However, even Tom benefited from the deal as a British businessman snapped the car from him for 775,000 pounds within a week giving the car dealer a cool 50,000-pound profit.

The Sun quoted the car dealer as saying this about the Paris businessman: "He's made a very good profit, especially as he just kept it in his garage." (ANI)

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