US Fritzl wrote sick fantasy sex lyrics during jail stint

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London, Aug 31 (ANI): 'American Fritzl' Phillip Garrido wrote song lyrics describing his vile sex fantasies during his stint in jail.

Garrido penned the songs after being jailed for four months in April 1993 for violating parole.

It is believed his wife Nancy kept Jaycee under lock and key during his spell inside.

In the songs, Garrido - a keen singer and bass player - wrote about what he wanted to do to kidnap victim Jaycee Lee Dugard, then just 13, when he was released.

He later recorded the songs at his home and handed out the CDs to friends and family.

In one song, the 58-year-old sings about looking forward to getting home to his 'blue-eyed girl' and getting 'down and dirty' with her.

"I know now that that girl was Jaycee. She has blue eyes. He's talking about getting out of prison and getting home to the girl he kept in his back yard," the Mirror quoted a friend as saying.

"In the song he talks about getting down and dirty.

"Phil loved music, he loved to sing and play the bass. When he did a stint in jail he spent hours and hours writing songs about his fantasies and his love of sex.

"At first they sound innocent enough, like any guy talking about his girl.

"But knowing now what I know they have very different and horrible meanings. The lyrics tie in to the kidnap, it makes me sick to my stomach," the friend added.

Garrido kept Jaycee as sex slave for 18 years and fathered two children with her. (ANI)

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