'Islamabad policemen's personal links with diplomats threatens national security'

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Islamabad, Aug. 31 (ANI): The personal links between Islamabad police officials and foreign diplomats poses a serious threat to the national security, Pakistan's premier security agency has said in its report.

"Some of the police officials deputed in the Diplomatic Enclave for security purposes have developed personal relations with security officials and diplomats of different embassies and a top security agency fears a serious threat to the security of the capital city because of this," The News quoted a source, as saying.

According to the official, the report submitted to the headquarters of the agency stating that the policemen, who remain posted in the Diplomatic Enclave for a prolonged duration, developed personal links with diplomats and diplomatic missions.

"As a result, such police officials ignore suspected movements and activities, which is extremely dangerous for the security of Islamabad and because of this lapse on part of the police officials a Marriott bombing-like incident may occur," the official quoted the report as saying.

The senior official cited a recent instance when some foreigners travelling with a huge quantity of arms were allowed by Superintendent of Police Aftab Nasir to go further despite the fact that the vehicle carried private number plates instead of the diplomatic numbers.

When asked by The News about having links with any diplomatic mission, SP Aftab Nasir said: "Not at all. Some US Army personnel were travelling in the vehicles in question and we let them go after thorough checking and also confirming their identity from the US embassy.

"I have no direct link whatsoever with any diplomatic missions but for professional affairs and I accept that."

According to Nasir, no police officer has direct links with any diplomat or diplomatic mission.

Commenting on the issue, renowned defence analyst Dr Shirin Mazari said the police officers posted in the Diplomatic Enclave since long should be posted out to far-flung rural areas.

"The duration of the posting of police officers in the Diplomatic Enclave should be reduced," she said. (ANI)

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