Kalam rejects Santhanam's Pokhran II failure claims, my stand reaffirmed says Jaswant

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New Delhi, Aug.27 (ANI): Former President Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam on Thursday rejected senior DRDO scientist Dr. K. Santhanam's claims that the Pokhran II nuclear tests held in the month of May 1998 were partially successful.

Dr. Kalam told a private television channel that the tests were successful and that a thorough review of these tests had been taken with Dr. K.Santhanam present.

Expelled BJP leader Jaswant Singh said that he completely agreed with the statements issued by former National Security Adviser Brajesh Mishra and former Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha on L.Advani being in the know of all developments and key decisions related to the Kandahar hijack.

" This is a reaffirmation of what I have been saying. I found Advani's comments on Kandahar strange. I don't know if someone had a lapse in memory. Terrorists could not have been released without Advani knowing. Grateful to Yashwant and Brajesh for standing by facts," said Jaswant Singh.

Singh's comment to a television channel came as Sinha said that he completely backed Mishra statement that Advani was aware of all key decisions related to the hijacking of the Indian Airlines plane IC-814 to Kandahar in Afghanistan.

Confirming that Advani was present at the meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) on December 31, 1999, Sinha said: "The truth should be spoken. Advani must come out and clarify events. The CCS minutes of that day need to be examined for clarification. I completely back Brajesh Mishra on L.K. Advani. IC-814 is a matter of recent history, not a party matter."

Mishra rebutted Advani's contention that he was unaware about IC-814 being taken from Amritsar to Kandahar by terrorists. He also rejected the view that Advani did not know that a Cabinet Minister would be flying to Kandahar to secure the release of the hostages in exchange for the three most wanted terrorists.

"L.K. Advani knew all about the IC-814 hijacking. Advani agreed to send the plane to Kandahar to free the hostages. The terrorists had threatened to kill all the 160 passengers onboard. Advani knew that Jaswant (Singh) was on the plane with the terrorists. It was one of the most difficult decisions we took," said Mishra.

Mishra's views on the Kandahar hijacking comes days after Jaswant Singh embarrassed Advani by saying that he (Jaswant Singh) "covered" up for him (Advani) when he said that the former Home Minister was not aware that he was going to Kandahar with three terrorists in 1999.

He also said Advani was aware of the decision to release of the terrorists in exchange for freedom of over 160 hostages kept in the Indian Airlines plane that was hijacked.

"Yes, he did," Singh told the NDTV news channel last Friday when asked whether Advani knew that Singh was going to Kandahar with three terrorists.

It maybe recalled that Advani had claimed a few years ago that he did not know that Jaswant Singh was on the plane with the three dreaded terrorists to Kandahar.

Singh was asked why he said during the election campaign that Advani did not know that he was going to Kandahar with the terrorists and whether he covered up for Advani.

"I"m sorry I did. I tried to cover it. I treated it as part of my continuing sense of commitment and loyalty," he said.

Asked whether he regretted covering up for Advani, Singh told NDTV: "I don"t regret because that is the step I had taken. But it was part of an election campaign. How should I put it? I was being very conservative with truth."

He said Advani could not have not known about the decision to fly to Kandahar.

"I announced it in the Cabinet. Yes, Advani was there, how can they (terrorists) be released from prison without the Home Minister consenting and signing pieces of paper? he asked.

Singh said he felt very hurt when Advani said what he did and he went.

"I went and told him. I was really hurt. Look I have travelled this route to Pakistan in every possible fashion, the Lahore bus, to Kandahar, to Agra, Chhatisinghpura, Parliament attack. But I have never tried to transfer responsibility. I have never spoken, it was very hurtful," he said.

Singh also made a veiled criticism of Advani when he asked why the aircraft was allowed to leave Amritsar because once it left the "game was lost".

"Who would be responsible for the aircraft leaving Amritsar. For 45 minutes the aircraft was on ground at Amritsar. All of you are fixated on Kandahar. I didn"t go to Kandahar because there was a good night club there. I went there because 166 lives were involved and the officers there asked me to consult if a decision was to be made," he said.

He even asked Advani what the latter wanted him to say.

"He said you say whatever you want to," Singh said.

Asked whether he would have expected Advani to stand up for him, Singh said "He (Advani) was not required to cover any misdeed. My going to Kandahar was not a misdeed. And I was not going on a holiday jaunt. 166 lives were involved."

He said it was a sense of commitment to India that required to save whatever another colleague has done.

"You know what the comment means. I didn"t know. It"s a comment not on Jaswant Singh. It"s a comment on Atalji because there is a sense of collective responsibility of the Cabinet. We forgot essentials." (ANI)

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