Samy Vellu disappointed with caste politics reports within MIC

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Kuala Lumpur, Aug. 26 (ANI): Malaysian Indian Congress chief S. Samy Vellu has expressed disappointment over reports that many top party leaders are indulging in caste politics in the wake of election for top party posts.

On the list could be former deputy president S. Subramaniam, who is going for the number two position, and his challenger and former vice-president, S. Sothinathan.

The New Strait Times quoted Samy Vellu, as saying that the party is investigating certain party leaders for alleged involvement in caste politics.

"We have been monitoring their activities and their association with some MIC leaders. They have been damaging the party and it is time for us to act. We are considering action against members working hand in glove with these businessmen to use caste to win the elections," he said.

Earlier, a newspaper had quoted a source as saying that a group calling itself namavar or "our people", and said to be chaired by millionaire businessman Datuk Vyran T. Raj, had met separately with Subramaniam and Sothinathan last month.

Subramaniam, reportedly, said he would abolish caste politics and open the MIC to all Indians if voted in.

Samy Vellu said the MIC would seek an explanation from because his alleged statement was tantamount to branding the MIC as a caste-based party.

"The Malaysian Indian community is totally against the caste system, especially in politics. There is no room for people who advocate caste in the party. The MIC is for all Indians and we will not hesitate to act against leaders or members who use caste to advance their political career," Samy Vellu said.

It is understood that caste has always been an issue in the party, with the majority of members belonging to depressed castes disgruntled over the lack of opportunities for advancement in the hierarchy. (ANI)

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