Vegan prisoners to get 'cruelty-free' chocolates, cosmetics in UK

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London, Aug 25 (ANI): A furore has erupted after prison chiefs granted vegetarian inmates to buy "cruelty-free" goods like nuts, lipstick, and sun tan lotion.egan inmates complained they were denied "ethically sourced" basics, including Brazil nuts, soap, chocolate and soya milk.

Thus, prison officials had to tell jail shops to offer a range of trendy products, including lip balm, cellulite oil, and facial scrubs.

And now, the Vegan Prisoners Support Group, representing 500 inmates, will push for non-leather prison boots to avoid breaching their principles.

The move to cater for criminals who will only eat and wear plant products has angered public-spending watchdogs at the move.

"These guys are crooks - they shouldn't be -sitting about sunbathing in the exercise yard or working on the farm covered in ethically sourced sun cream," the Daily Express quoted one warder as saying.

"We can't be running around making sure they have the right sun cream or that they have the one Brazil nut or selection of -walnuts to make sure they get enough vitamins.

"They gave up any rights to have principles when they robbed the old lady, burgled a house, smuggled cocaine or beat someone up - it's as simple as that," the warder added.

"At a time when law-abiding -people are struggling to make ends meet and the prison system is bursting at the seams, it is absurd to be making special products available for vegan criminals," said Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance.

He added: "Prison isn't a boutique hotel where you get to pick and choose what luxuries you get. It is a place where you are punished for your crimes."

Health food chain Holland and Barrett and eco-friendly Honesty Cosmetics will be supplying the new range secured by the vegan prisoners' group.

A group spokesman said the two companies had been added to the service's facilities list and mail order catalogues.

And the products available at the jail shop will include vegetable glycerine soaps, strawberry and papaya bath gel and waterproof mascara. (ANI)

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