Lake Eyre lady lizards snub 'harassing' males by flaunting their orange undies!

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Melbourne, Aug 24 (ANI): Lake Eyre female lizards snub harassing mates by displaying bright orange colour, a new study has found.

Lead researcher Devi Stuart-Fox from University of Melbourne revealed that dragon lizards found in northern South Australia developed bright orange patches on their throats and bellies when they were reproductively active.

"If they wish to avoid sex with harassing males, they flip on to their backs and prevent the males from being able to copulate with them," the Courier Mail quoted Stuart-Fox as saying.

"In most animals, it is the males that have the showy colours, which they use to intimidate rivals or attract mates," Stuart-Fox added.

While lying on back is likely to make these lizards an easy prey, birds did not appear to attack them, preferring those still upright.

Stuart-Fox said this was likely because birds rarely came across flipped over, orange lizards and did not recognise them as potential prey. (ANI)

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