Wife puts cheater hubby's £70k Porsche on the market for 2k pounds !

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London, Aug 22 (ANI): A wife, who caught her hubby in the act with their babysitter in his Porche, is now seeking revenge by offering the car online for a throw away price.

Not just that, she has also added her husband's prized wine collection as a freebee in the car's trunk.he unnamed woman has put up the beauty for sale on classified ads site Gumtree, explaining why she's selling the 911, costing 70,000 pounds for a mere 2,000 pounds.

The Sun quotes her post as stating: "Last week, I caught my husband having it off with our babysitter in our Porsche (actually, MY Porsche as I bloody paid for it). So I'm selling his beloved car. See how the p***k likes that!

"I'd been to my mum's but came back early 'cos we had a fallout.

"The children were in bed. My husband wasn't. I heard something in the garage.

"I thought it was a rat. It was a blooming rat alright - my husband with our babysitter. She's barely 17! I treated her like my own daughter. He told me it didn't mean anything. It sounds crazy but I would have preferred it if had meant something. Why risk 15 years of marriage for anything less?"

The enraged wife also revealed it wasn't the first time she had caught her husband cheating on her.

But each time she thought he might change.

She wrote: "Every single time, like the hopeful naive cow that I was, I gave him another chance. Deep down, I knew he wouldn't change.

"But I went along with it for the kids, for the sanctity of a marriage, for 'what will the neighbours think?'

"Well, no more. The penny's finally dropped."

The lady concludes by saying she has a "hot surprise" for the "babysitter-turned-slut", and discloses: "I rubbed pepper sauce over every condom wrapper I could find in the house. That should give them a night to remember." (ANI)

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