US CENTCOM chief says Brit soldiers are the world's best

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London, Aug.21 (ANI): U.S. CENTCOM chief General David Petraeus has described British troops as the world's best, as they spectacularly hunted down al-Qaeda bombers for him while he led the victorious surge in Iraq.

Recalling their valour, General Petraeus said British soldiers often rented taxis, removed body armour and drove through Baghdad to get their man.

The Sun quoted General Petraeus as saying: "They would use extraordinary skill. And your conventional forces demonstrate the same capacity. I have always been impressed by the courage, capacity for independent action, skill and exceptional will of your soldiers. It's what sets forces in the UK - and I'd argue the US and a handful of other countries - apart from all others in the world.""22 SAS are absolutely spectacular. We felt privileged to have them in Iraq. Brits should be very proud of all their forces and take special pride in their special forces," he added.Passing through London, the General also praised the outnumbered UK forces holding off the Taliban in Helmand.

He said: "British troops have been in a very tough place and they have done exceedingly well."

He said he had asked former British SAS commander Lt. Gen. Graeme Lamb to go to Kabul to advise new NATO boss General Stanley McChrystal on how to win over Taliban defectors.

In a message to all Brits, he said: "It's absolutely natural for those putting their lives on the line to ask, is this worth it?"It is. It is enormously important we achieve our objective in Afghanistan, and ensure it does not again become a sanctuary for al-Qaeda and other extremists that have carried out attacks on your streets," he added.

The general, who has served with the British military since 2001, admitted it was a mistake to go boozing with Brit soldiers.He said: "I could never hold my own with them, especially not Scottish paratroopers. That was a losing proposition." (ANI)

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